11 de jul de 2012



I am Delia Corecco Steiner, passionate about life, the colors and nuances that surround us, the beauty that each new day brings.

I had contact with the art since childhood and for me painting is a work taken seriously, that elevates the soul and transforms us forever. Of the nature that surrounds me I get my inspiration. I'm always surrounded by colors and brushes.
Motivated by the fluidity of watercolor, the glazes of oil paint, or the versatility of acrylic paint I let them pass through my hands... paper, canvas, wood, furniture and other elements seeking to portray them harmony and beauty of art.
I invite you to walk with me, knowing that each encounter is essential, that each exchange is experience, hoping to leave a little of myself in each one, taking a little of each one of you in my being...
Please feel Welcome

2 comentários:

  1. Your words are beautiful just like yours pieces of art !!!

  2. Atelier FAZENDO ARTE DMCjulho 13, 2012

    I appreciate your generous words, please fell very welcome on this blog.


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